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                                                    Maintenance & Additional Services

                                                    Why should I hire a pool service?

                                                    Consider how much you make per hour at your job. Take that number and multiply it by the number of hours you spend each month cleaning your pool. Don’t forget to include the time it takes for trips to the pool store. Now take that number and add an average cost of $35 or more for the necessary supplies you’ll buy – chlorine, acid and more.

                                                    That’s how much it costs, at a minimum, for you to maintain your own pool every month. Plus, you have to store the supplies.

                                                    Now compare that to turnkey, expert pool service from Handcrafted Pools for an average cost of only $150 a month, leaving nothing for you to do yourself except sit back, relax and enjoy your swimming pool!

                                                    How do I calculate how many gallons my pool holds?

                                                    First, take the depth of the deep end of your pool (in feet), add it to the depth of the shallow end (again, in feet) — and divide that number by 2. That’s your “average depth.” Now, take that number and apply it to the formula for your pool’s shape:

                                                    • For rectangular pools:
                                                      Length (in feet) x width (in feet) x average depth x 7.5 = total gallons
                                                    • For oval pools:
                                                      Long diameter (in feet) x short diameter (in feet) x average depth x 5.9 = total gallons

                                                    How often should I run my pool filter?

                                                    The single most vital aspect to maintaining a clean, clear swimming pool is the filter mechanism. In order to remove maximum debris and keep your water circulating, you should run your pool’s filter at least 8 to 10 hours a day in the summer (4 to 6 hours in winter). For maximum effectiveness, run your filter during the hottest part of the day. This is the best way to prevent algae and ensure water clarity.

                                                    How often should my filter be cleaned?

                                                    The manufacturer recommends you clean a quad cartridge filter every 3 months and a DE filter every 6 months. There are some circumstances that can warrant more or less cleanings depending on the situation.

                                                    My pool light stopped working, what should I do?

                                                    Check your circuit breaker, there is typically a separate 15 or 20 amp breaker for the pool and spa lights. Check your GFCI plug by the pool equipment. This could have been tripped during a storm.

                                                    Why is my pump is running, but there is no water circulating?

                                                    Check your water level in your pool. It needs to be at the middle of the water line tile or half way up the skimmer opening, this can cause the pump to “lose prime”. Make sure your pump basket is clean of debris. The impeller may be clogged. If you can’t get the pump to prime, turn the system off and call us for a service call. Running your pump dry will damage the motor seal and possibly the motor and other parts.

                                                    Warranty & Guarantees

                                                    What kind of warranties and guarantees do you provide?

                                                    More than you’ll ever need! You’ll have warranties from the manufacturers of the products we use and also guarantees from Handcrafted Pools – guarantees and warranties on our work, on the products we use, and on the timetable we give you. The fact is, you have our name on everything, which means if there’s a problem with anything, anything at all, you don’t have to contact a manufacturer or supplier, you just call us. After all, you bought it from us and you should expect us to make it right. We will – period.

                                                    General Questions

                                                    Why are some pool companies so much less than other companies?

                                                    Some pool companies can advertise lower prices because they’re giving you a lesser product. You might not be able to notice inferior quality for a few years, but there is a difference. These “cheaper” pool companies use cheaper materials, transient and often poorly trained crews, and lower quality mechanical equipment and cleaning systems. They skimp on the amount of concrete and reinforcing steels bars in the pool shell and they build a less substantial deck. There are lots of ways for them to save money and build you a “cheaper” pool. But in the long run, it’s not cheaper at all. Poor quality is always, sooner or later, expensive and a mistake.

                                                    The fact is, a Handcrafted Pools will be the best quality and the best value, at any budget. If you want to save money, we’ll show you how, but we won’t build you an inferior pool. We never have.

                                                    What should I do if there is a potential for freezing weather?

                                                    Always make sure that your pumps are circulating water including all water feature pumps, most systems have a freeze guard sensor that will do this for you. If your motor is dead and the pump will not turn on, be sure to remove the drain plugs from the pumps, heater, filter and any other component that is holding water so it can drain. Cover your equipment with a blanket if the temps are extremely low. You can also prevent circulation issues by making sure that your skimmer traps and pump traps are clear of debris.

                                                    Building a Pool

                                                    Who designs my pool?

                                                    Your input is critical but our designers can design the pool for you as part of our service. We have created every imaginable kind of swimming pool – from simple, basic pools, to elegant, high tech, award-wining pools that will take your breathe away. A Design Consultant will meet with you, talk to you, walk the site and make sure that the pool that’s designed and built for you does exactly what you want it to do – in appearance and function. After all, this is your pool. Our job is to give you what you want.

                                                    How long will it take to build my pool?

                                                    Most pools are built in two to three months. The exact amount of time depends on a great many different factors, some of which are beyond our control unusual site conditions, the permitting process, and sometimes the weather. And, of course, the concrete for the shell and the decking material needs to cure and set. Designing and building a quality swimming pool takes time. That’s one thing 17 years of experience has taught us. But our experience has also taught us how to do it as carefully and as quickly as possible. You’ll be swimming before you know it.

                                                    How much do pools cost?

                                                    The cost of a swimming pool varies tremendously but is largely a factor of the choices you make – the size and depth of the pool, the decking, the interior finish, lighting, and landscaping. And, there are some factors beyond our control such as construction equipment access issues, and the availability and cost of any special materials we need to build your pool. While there are standard “cookie cutter” pools built by “mass” pool builders that you can probably have built for around $40K, our niche is different. We focus on a purely custom pool that sets the bar with beauty and features and leaves nothing to be desired. Our pools typically start at around $60K and can go up from there depending on many factors.


                                                    How long does it take to renovate a pool?

                                                    Most pool renovations take about 7-10 days to complete, which includes refilling the pool. Some projects can take longer due to the extravagant details entailed or due to unforeseen bad weather.

                                                    When my pool is drained, will it shift or damage the shell?

                                                    We have all heard stories of pools popping out of the ground when they were drained. The reality is, if you prepare and plan properly and take all of the precautions, this will not happen. We always make sure to remove all of the hydrostatic plugs and we even drill holes in the floor of the pool to allow ay ground water to push through the holes. While we can’t promise this won’t happen, we have being doing this for 14 years and never had an issue.

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