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        At Handcrafted Pools we aim to not only design your dream pool, but also make your backyard oasis a reality. Unlike several pool builders in the North Texas market, we provide a unique approach to the design and construction process. We work with you from the initial design meeting through the entire construction process. We only allow a maximum of 2 pools to the constructed at the same time, thus allowing us to actually be on site during the critical moments of construction. It may not sound like much but can be so important when it comes to forming, gunite and even cosmetic perfection. Once your oasis is complete, we then teach you the basics of pool operation so you can enjoy your new pool and its features, and keep it operating to it’s full potential all year long. If you ever feel like you don’t have time to maintain your pool, just give us a call, we offer great maintenance plans to keep your investment safe and beautiful.

        Our Step-by-Step Design Process

        • Initial Meeting

          Whether you have built many pools or never built a pool before, we will walk you through every detail in your backyard to ensure that what idea you have in your head actually comes to life. This meeting is the most important because we gather vital information of what you are envisioning of your backyard oasis.

        • Design Phase

          We use state of the art software to design your pool. With the new 3D CAD systems, we can actually show you what your pool will look like in your actual backyard and your actual house in the background!

        • Breaking Ground

          This is probably the most exciting day because we start the process of making the miracle come true! Details are so important at this stage because elevation and grade can make or break a pool and patio. That is why we measure every detail.

        • During Construction

          We operate a little different form all of the other builders. Since we only have 1 to 2 pools being constructed at the same time, this allows us to actually be in the backyard during the critical moments. There are so many times and situations that need detailed supervision to keep the project from veering the wrong direction. This is why we can honestly say that every pool we build will actually be exactly how we designed it on paper.

        • Clean Up

          Cleanup is important to finishing a pool project. We always make sure that we leave your surroundings better than they were when we started. From filling in ruts, to grading dirt, to pressure washing your furniture on the patio. We go the extra mile. When we are finally finished, we give you the basic knowledge on how to maintain and use your new pool. Of course, the best part of our company is we are always here for warranty, service and repair for years to come.

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