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        Pool Equipment Repairs & Warranty

        With all of the working parts your pool requires, things are guaranteed to need care or replacement. At Handcrafted Pools, we aim to make those repairs go as quickly and hassle-free as possible so that you can get back to enjoying your pool in no time. We can repair or replace all parts that are associated with your in ground pool or spa. If an upgrade is needed or can help improve your current set up, we can also recommend those along with additional parts to extend the life and efficiency of your equipment.

        We offer repairs to the following areas:

        • Plumbing Leaks
        • Pump Repair
        • Filter Repair
        • Heater Repair
        • Timer / Computer Repair
        • Light Repair
        • Automatic Cleaner repair
        • Salt System Repair
        • Skimmer Replacement
        • Structure Crack Repair
        • Drain Cover Replacement
        • Mastic Replacement
        • Valve Repair
        • Chlorinator Repair


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