Additional Services

  • Pool Renovation
    Pool Renovation
      • New Construction Pool
        New Construction Pool
                • Water Slide Pool Feature
                  Water Slide Pool Feature
                  • Pool Maintenance
                    Pool Maintenance
                    • Pool Repairs
                      Pool Repairs
                      • Pool Equipment Repairs & Warranty
                        Pool Equipment Repairs & Warranty
                        • Pool Equipment Upgrades
                          Pool Equipment Upgrades
                          • DFW Pool Renovations
                            DFW Pool Renovations
                              • In-Ground Pool Cleanups
                                In-Ground Pool Cleanups
                                      • Water Feature Pools
                                        Water Feature Pools
                                        • HP Crew
                                          HP Crew
                                          • Office
                                            • HP Van
                                              HP Van
                                              • Pentair Lighting & Water Features
                                                Pentair Lighting & Water Features
                                                • Pentair Automation Systems
                                                  Pentair Automation Systems
                                                  • Pentair Heaters
                                                    Pentair Heaters

                                                    Pool Inspection ($150 Plus Tax)

                                                    You finally found the home of your dreams! You’ve negotiated the price, you’re approved for the loan, you’ve had the home inspected and the home inspector has found some problems with the pool. And under all of the comments and problems they found with the pool stares at you those famous words, “The Pool and pool equipment will need to be evaluated and serviced as necessary by a qualified pool contractor.”! Well, guess what?! We are that qualified pool contractor. With 17 years of experience and a very detailed report and estimate of repairs, we can have an inspection report sent to you in your email the same day we go out and inspect your pool! Don’t risk it, we have been able to help buyers negotiate thousands of dollars over the years with problems we have found. Give us a call!

                                                    Pool School ($150 Plus Tax)

                                                    You are finally moved in and boxes are all unpacked and you are going through your list of todo’s. Then you realize that you have no idea how to operate or maintain your new pool! Give us a call, we will step you through every piece of equipment and show you how to maintain your own pool. If you decide in 30 days that you do not want to take on this task and hire us instead, we will credit the $150 towards your first month of service!

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