• In-Ground Pool Cleanups
    In-Ground Pool Cleanups

    Spring Cleaning (Starting at $325 plus tax)

    Many times we take over pools that still have a little life in them and we can turn the pool around by utilizing the filter and some chemicals. With a little vacuuming and scrubbing, we can revive your pool back to normal. In order to perform this type of service, we must be able to see the bottom of the pool.

    Drain & Clean (Starting at $600 plus tax)

    Sometimes you can’t even see 2 inches below the surface of the water! Not a problem, we can drain the pool, clean it up , fill it up and have you swimming in just 2 to 3 days. Some stains can even be removed during this process.

    Tile Restoration (Starting at $300 plus tax)

    Ever get tired of looking at that ugly white film that is on the tile all the way around your pool? No worries! We offer a tile restoration service that utilizes minerals and a high pressure water pump to blast the calcium and scum off of the tile, making it look new again!

    Party Cleanups (Starting at $85 plus tax)

    Having a party and just don’t have the time to get your pool clean? We offer party cleanups to get your pool looking beautiful and have that shimmer that only a Handcrafted Pool can have.

    Storm Cleanups (Bid Only)

    Mother nature in Texas is not forgiving sometimes. We know that after a storm rolls through in north Texas, the last thing you want to worry about is your pool. We have the state of the are tools to help us cleanup your pool in a timely and professional fashion. We assess every situation to determine the best way to approach the cleanup of your pool.

    Fiberglass Spa Drain & Cleans ( $125 plus tax)

    Fiberglass spas require much more maintenance due to the small body of water and the high water temps. With this, the manufacturer recommends draining and cleaning your spa every 3 months. We have the right equipment to properly drain & clean your spa and have it swim ready with chemicals balanced in no time.


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